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Vacation Rental Management Services

At Summit Property Management, we understand the importance of an effective vacation rental manager.  Through our 6+ years of experience, we have worked out all the details and dialed in a proven system that is guaranteed to provide your guests with quality service, and your portfolio with a successful return.  We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with owners and guests alike, treating each property like it was our own, and ensuring all parties are well taken care of. From the first interaction, to check-out, we make the process a smooth and enjoyable one for your guests.

Some of our services include:

  • Responding to all guest messages and inquiries

  • Continuously evaluating market conditions and adjusting nightly/weekly rates

  • Handling reservations and cancellations

  • Overseeing guest check-in and check-out

  • Restocking supplies and inspection of unit after each stay

  • Arranging property cleanings and maintenance visits

  • Obtaining payment for bookings

  • Writing guest reviews

  • Marketing and promoting the property online

  • Initial listing setup (acquiring permits/licenses, writing listing copy, professional real estate photos etc.)

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